Cycle Fleet & Corporate

We do more than provide a first class service to the general public

With the amount of cycle schemes and greener initiatives being offered to companies to assist in reducing their carbon footprint, CycleTech Bedfordshire also work with local companies and organisations who believe in commuting to work by bicycle.

We will attend your work place for either a half day or a full day offering cycle surgerys to your employees. Services can range from a cycle MOT, what we call an ‘M’ Check, to a Safety Check and Brake and Gear Service. From a bike fitting to a bike washing service. The employer has the choice.

What will it cost the employer?

Depending on organisational objectives and what’s commerically viable, we can suggest a number of options.

  1. The employer pays CycleTech Bedfordshire a day rate plus repairs made and parts used.
  2. The employer pays Cycletech Bedfordshire a day rate and any repairs made and parts used are to be paid for by the employee owning the bicycle.
  3. The employer offers a discounted rate to their employee with the discount being paid to Cycletech Bedforshire by the employer.
  4. The employee pays full price directly to CycleTech Bedfordshire and benefits from the convenience of having our mechanics come to them at work.

We are flexible and will work with your company to establish the best approach for your needs. If you would like to discuss please call us on 07763 854778 or email