Service Packages

Inspection and Report; (MOT)                                                                                                                   £15

Basic Service (recommended every 6 months – 26″ wheel & above + parts)  £45

  • Visually inspect bike and assess parts for wear and tear, brakes checked and adjusted, gears checked and adjusted,drive-train cleaned and lubricated, fixing bolts torque checked and adjusted, tyres inspected and inflated to recommended PSI, cycle road tested to check fully operational and safe and advice on further work required.

         NB:  Junior Bike under 26″ (+parts)  £35

Main Service (recommended every 12 months or 100 hours cycling) –          £65      all above plus   

  • Brake pads / blocks inspected for wear and condition, front and rear wheel trued, chain / cassette / chainring(s) inspected for wear and condition, brake and gear cables lubricated, headset checked and adjusted, hubs checked for wear and condition, bottom bracket checked for wear and condition, suspension and forks checked for wear and condition and pedals and seat post removed, cleaned, regreased and refitted.

Overhaul Service – a main service plus                                                                                                                  £120

  • Complete strip down to bare frame and rebuild, full valet, complete clean, check and regrease of all components, inner and outer gear and brake cables replaced (cost included).

         NB:  Junior Bike under 26″ (+parts)  £80

Overhaul Service – full suspension mountain bikes                                                                                                               £145

  • Overhaul Service plus pads checked and hydraulics brakes bled. Please note this does not include servicing forks or rear shocks. Should you require these to be serviced we can provide a separate quote.

Pre Delivery Inspection (PDI) – new bike from a box                                     £35

  • Build and set up the new bike to British Standards BS6102, pt 1, 1992. You can also opt to have the bike delivered directly to CycleTech Dunstable, who will deliver and fit to you.

Valet Service                                                                                                   £20

  • Thoroughly clean and degrease cycle and lubricate components